Innovators of vehicle mind

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ECARX is a global automotive technology provider partnering with OEMs to accelerate the future of software-defined vehicles. As OEMs develop new vehicle platforms from the ground up, ECARX is developing a full-stack solutions to enhance the user experience, while reducing complexity and cost.

To date ECARX products have been integrated into more than 5.6 million cars worldwide, and it continues to shape the interaction between people and vehicles by rapidly advancing the technology at the heart of smart mobility. Founded in 2017, we have more than 2,000 team members across Europe, China and USA working towards one ambition: to redefine the driving experience by making it safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

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A mission driven organisation

As innovators, we recognise the pressing need to adapt to the changing landscape of transportation. We believe in thinking differently and challenging the status quo. We’ve already achieved a number of critical milestones in automotive tech and we’ll continue to innovate and push boundaries in pursuit of our mission: to build the vehicle mind at the heart of smart mobility.

Back in 2017, we shared a vision to create a technology portfolio that will transform next-generation vehicles into computers on wheels — always on, always connected…

Since then, our technology has been integrated into more than 6 million cars and this is just the start. Our vertically-integrated technology stack helps transform vehicles into seamlessly integrated information, communications, and transportation devices.”

Ziyu Shen - CEO, ECARX
Ziyu Shen - CEO.

Our global locations

  • London - United Kingdom
  • Shanghai - China
  • Gothenburg - Sweden
  • Stuttgart - Germany
  • San Diego - USA
  • Hangzhou - China
  • Wuhan - China
  • Suzhou - China
  • Dalian - China

Integrated technology solutions for the automotive industry

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We are one of just a handful of tech companies worldwide able to provide vertically-integrated, full-stack technology solutions, tailor-made for automotive needs. What’s more, we can commercialise and deliver these solutions at scale, directly into the vehicle, maximising cost efficiency and accelerating speed to market. To enable specific vehicle intelligence capabilities, we devise and integrate an extended digital ecosystem by partnering with best-in-class technology providers.