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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions give you more information about using our website, 

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Supplier Code of Conduct 

ECARX is dedicated to establishing business partnerships with high ethical standards. We believe that suppliers are an integral part of our success, and the behaviour and practices of the supplier can impact on our business and reputation. Therefore, we expect our suppliers to share our values and actively adhere to ethical and legal standards. Our expectations for suppliers are contained in our Supplier Code of Conduct, and we expect all current or potential suppliers to read and agree to comply with this Code.

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Supply Terms and Conditions

These are ECARX's standard terms and conditions for our suppliers. This Contract sets out the general terms and conditions under which suppliers may contract with ECARX. If you are a current supplier to ECARX, or are seeking to begin a supplier relationship with ECARX, your continued engagement with us signifies that you have read and agree to comply with our Supply Terms and Conditions.

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