The future of the software-defined vehicle

Our digital cockpits bring efficiency and computing power together, transforming vehicles into seamlessly integrated information, communication and transportation devices

The evolution of vehicle intelligence

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We no longer simply drive our vehicles — we use them to work, to relax, and to keep in touch when we’re on the move.

Like our smartphones and tablets, they've become an integral part of our connected lifestyle — and our digital cockpit is what makes it all possible.

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Extensive personalisation
  • Advanced navigation features (3D/HD)
  • Rich entertainment options
  • 360º surround view
  • Seamless smartphone integration
  • Integrated safety features
  • Regular OTA updates
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The new generation of intelligent vehicles features a vast range of displays and functions, each with its own electronic control unit (ECU).

Our digital cockpit solution consolidates these into a single management system. This reduces cost and complexity for OEMs and provides a richer and more rewarding experience for drivers and passengers.

Full stack capability from Silicon to the Cloud for global markets

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Reduced time to market

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20% reduction in development costs

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3D gaming

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Customisable live desktop

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Architects of a partnership ecosystem designed for innovation

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ECARX collaborates with industry leaders to deliver cutting-edge solutions for OEMs, enabling swift and scalable innovation while ensuring capital efficiency.

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