Drive smarter, safer and simpler

Introducing ECARX Skyland. An ADAS L2+ solution that provides vehicles with advanced safety and driver assistance technologies while delivering high-performance graphics processing power.

Technology built to save lives

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As vehicles become smarter, maintaining a high level of safety is imperative for both drivers and pedestrians. At ECARX, improved safety is achieved through our ECARX Skyland solution, incorporating features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and automotive emergency braking. These technology advancements not only reduce driver fatigue and enhance comfort but also contribute to the convenience of park assistance, making parking a simpler task. Additionally, the speed optimisation feature leads to increased fuel efficiency.

Adaptive cruise control


Navigation on Autopilot


Automotive emergency breaking


Park assistance


Architects of a partnership ecosystem designed for innovation

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ECARX collaborates with industry leaders to deliver cutting-edge solutions for OEMs, enabling swift and scalable innovation while ensuring capital efficiency.
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Supporting the transition towards a fully autonomous driving experience
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