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Crafting exceptional user experiences through our range of premium software services including base software, hypervisors, operating systems, and application software.

A superior full stack application for the global market

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ECARX Cloudpeak has been engineered to support multiple operating systems and global mobility ecosystems while being fully compliant with global standards for functional safety and data security. Built on Android Automotive & Linux, our architecture seamlessly blends infotainment, clusters, and gaming, enhanced by voice recognition and machine vision. Safety, adaptability, and market-specific solutions converge to shape the in-car journey. Experience the future of driving with ECARX Cloudpeak.
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Worldwide compatibility

ECARX Cloudpeak enables compatibility with automotive operating systems across the world

Enables precise object detection, image classification, and semantic segmentation – critical components of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)


Meets the highest standards of global security protocols

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Creates an innovative onboard gaming experience

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Seamlessly merges sensors, processing, and UX into a unified platform

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Supports 3D sound field for an immersive audio experience


Unlock the ultimate

power of ECARX Cloudpeak

  • Supports development of multiple functions: RNC, ECNR, HD audio processing
  • Supports L1-L2 ADAS, AI voice, machine vision and other artificial intelligence applications
  • Compliant with the EAL4 global certification for information security
  • Meets ISO international standards and Chinese standards for security
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