A super computer combining digital cockpit and ADAS controller in one solution

Our centralised domain controller solution is helping the automotive industry tackle a critical challenge: how to bolster support for autonomous driving functions while simplifying electric and electronic (E/E) architectures and reducing costs.

An all-in-one solution


Introducing first central computing platform, ECARX Super Brain. It combines the digital cockpit computing platform and the ADAS controller into one powerful module, thanks to our full stack hardware and software technology. ECARX Super Brain brings L2+ capability while reducing significantly R&D and component costs.

ECARX Super Brain has extra computing power, allowing OEMs to add new features to vehicles, in the same way that smartphones receive updates.

ECARX Super Brain

Current solutions are complex, legacy and lack scalability

ECARX Super Brain

ECARX removes architecture complexity

ECARX Super Brain

This brings incredible flexibility and scalability

ECARX Super Brain

Allowing rapid software updates at a single point

Unleashes the full potential of AI performance in vehicles

Group 2741.

Drives enhancements in the performance and efficiency of E/E architecture

icon Group 2553.

Lowers costs by 20% compared to distributed controllers

Features Icons.

Reduces software licensing expenses by 15%

Frame 16015.

Requires 5% less wiring harness throughout the vehicle

CDC 5Pc Less Wiring.

ECARX Super Brain specs

  • Total CPU: 132K DMIPS
  • GPU: 900 GFLOPS
  • NPU: 61TOPS
  • Inter-core data sharing is facilitated by dual PCIe 3.0 channels, with latency of less than 5ms
  • Seamless integration of all sensors, processing and UX into a single platform
  • ISO 26262 ASIL-B functional safety certification
The ultimate all-in-one solution is coming
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