Computing platform

ECARX Makalu

Hero Makalu (1).

High-end digital cockpit computing platform with ADAS features

Makalu is ECARX’s fifth-generation, ultra-high performance digital cockpit computing platform, and its first to use AMD Ryzen V2000 processors. Delivering all the computing power needed for both a step-change in performance, taking the user-experience to a whole new level while enabling a longer life product cycle – up to 5 years – without hardware upgrades, enabling OEMs to future- proof their vehicles’ interior designs and infotainment system functionality.


With up to 32GB of RAM, 8GB of video RAM, a solid-state drive with 1TB of storage, and the Unreal Engine 3D graphics engine developed by world-leading gaming company Epic – delivering rendering capability at 10.1 TOPS – Makalu provides truly extraordinary performance and sets a new benchmark for infotainment, delivering breathtaking, immersive, real-time 3D animations, stunning augmented reality displays and home cinema-like surround sound. Occupants can even play high-end ‘3A’ HD video games, either using the steering wheel buttons or separate controllers.