Computing module

ECARX Venado

Hero Venado V2 (1).

ECARX mid-end digital cockpit computing platform (safety or non-safety applications)

The core SoC of the Venado platform adopts 12nm advanced process technology, has an 8-core high performance CPU with 8GB LPDDR4x RAM and an independent NPU with an AI accelerator, and supports mainstream AI neural network architecture. In order to meet end market and customer needs, the Venado platform also integrates 4G LTE functions, supports 8 video channels, supports TBOX solution. The powerful video processing capabilities help achieve image processing tasks such as AVM functions, FACE ID, and multi-screen display. 


The powerful openness and scalability of the Venado platform can support AR Navigation solution, and the overall software and hardware collaboration forms a close support with ECARX Automotive Service and ecosystem (EAS). It is a powerful digital computing platform that can confidently meet both market and industry needs.