Computing platform

ECARX Super Brain

Hero Superbrain (1).

“All-in-one” solution integrating the cockpit, driving, and vehicle control with our full-stack hardware and software technologies

Addressing the conflicting challenges of supporting more autonomous driving functions while at the same time reducing cost and complexity of electric and electronic architectures, ECARX has developed its first central computing platform: ECARX Super Brain.


By integrating the digital cockpit computing platform and the advanced driver assistance system controller into a single, high- performance module based on ECARX’s full-stack hardware and software technologies, ECARX Super Brain delivers L2+ capability and enables 5% less wiring throughout the vehicle, together with cost reductions in R&D and components by up to 15% and 20% respectively.


Robustness is ensured thanks to ISO 26262 ASIL-B functional safety certification.